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Welcome to our nationwide mobile chairmassage service. We specialize in on-site corporate and event chairmassage. A powernap to relax and recharge.

We have an amazing team of dedicated massage experts that is sure to make your event is a success and help to relax your hardworking employees. 

Massages are at the heart of what we do.

Happy customers with satisfied employees

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Chairmassage creates a movement that advocates a company culture of well-being! The relaxing massage is performed over the clothing while you are seated in a portable massage chair. Your back and neck are fully relaxed while the massage practitioner provides relief from muscular tension and improves flexibility and movement.

Implementing chairmassages in the workplace is rewarding for employees and provides financial benefits for employers. It provides a better work-life balance for employees, it helps their well-being and rewards them the way they deserve. Many companies are providing complimentary chairmassage on a regularly schedule as a perk for staff.

Chairmassage. Neem plaats op de massagestoel rsi dag

A study conducted by Shulman and Jones of the Touch Research Institute ‘What Are the Benefits of Chair Massage in the Workplace?’ found that massage at work helped reduce anxiety. The study indicated that 15 minutes of chairmassage was more effective than a 15-minute break to reduce anxiety. It makes people feel better, think better and sleep better. Download our brochure.

In addition to incompany chairmassage, companies can also offer chairmassage to employees who work from home. At affiliated massage practices nationwide, employees can book a 30 minutes Stay In Touch – SIT chair massage or reflexzone massage. Contact us for more information.

When you get a massage it is about you

Stoelmassage op locatie | Chairmassage stoelmassage pilot


Chairmassage a great perk

Massages make people healthier and more resilient to getting sick. They offer great benefits for those who work long hours or have stressful jobs.

Our massage team is specialized in giving hands-on, on-site care for typical office complaints. It is now scientifically proven to be so much more than just stress reduction.

Voordelen stoelmassage Masseren is ons vak - Aandacht ons kenmerk | knuffeldag


Chairmassage powernap

We take the time to customize a chair massage treatment unique for your employee. The massage takes 20-30 minutes and targets head, neck, arms, back and shoulders related issues.

A short break from the daily grind and the computer screen has been shown to boost morale and creativity. Anyone can enjoy a relaxing massage anywhere, anyplace, anytime!

Stoelmassage Den Haag Chairmassage


Delight and energise

Leaving you completely stress-free, we bring everything: massage chairs, relaxing music and all the extras to create the perfect workplace massage and we handle all the details.

There is no limit on the number of people we can treat for you. Our services do not require a lot of space, simply give us a room and we’ve got the rest!

Feel invigorated, calmed and refocused

Feel the difference

Invest in your people and reap the rewards. We can build an affordable and worthwhile on-site chairmassage solution for you. Join the companies and people having incorporated chairmassage already into their workplace culture. Pick a day and a time that works for you. Tell us how many staff or hours you would like us on-site and we will take care of the rest. 

The massage practitioner works on muscles, tendons, acupressure points, triggerpoints and energy lines and uses friction techniques to open up the body. It relaxes the body and delivers an energy boost, empowering employees to stay refreshed and productive at work throughout the day. 

Our on-site massage is a mix of Eastern and Western techniques and improves circulation by increasing the blood flow to help the healing in the body. It reduces stress hormones and lowers high blood pressure. Furthermore, it increases oxygen to the brain and builds better mental focus.

Join ons team. voordelen Chair massage Corporate massage fiscaal voordeel Stoelmassage op het werk Maureen Kessing 070 73 70 261 rsi dag

incompany chairmassage the best day of the week

Quality Qualified Service

Try our chairmassage at work and let the results speak for themselves. This is a business line item you will want to get into your budget on an annual basis. Especially when it will actually save your company money in the long run by keeping your team, clients, and customers engaged with your brand for years to come!

Delight and energise your team or your clients with our on-site chairmassage service. It leaves a beautiful long lasting memory. Our massage team offers massages across The Netherlands. We require a minimum slot of three hours to ensure the best relaxation experience.

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One-time massage events for employee appreciation days, health fairs, company parties, tradeshows, conferences, marketing initiatives, other special events big or small or as the perfect reward or incentive are some of the possibilities.

We have an extensive client base and a proven track record providing corporate and event chair massage. We are happy to work with you to create a massage program to meet your needs. Get in touch! 

Moment van rust en ontspanning
Het is altijd een feestje om door Maureen gemasseerd te worden! Heerlijk een moment van rust en ontspanning.
Waardevol cadeau: stoelmassage op locatie!
Maureen en haar collega's zijn ervaren professionals die zich aanpassen aan de wensen/behoeften van hun cliënt. Meerdere malen de fijne stoelmassages op locatie mogen ervaren. Een moment van rust en ontspanning, echt een waardevol cadeau voor gewaardeerde medewerkers!
Maureen en haar team zijn helemaal top
Maureen en haar team zijn helemaal top. Naast de heerlijke massages komen ze goed en duidelijk hun afspraken na en denken ze mee. Veel collega's kijken dan ook uit naar hun komst en komen er speciaal voor naar kantoor.
Opgeladen met positieve energie
Tijdens een stoelmassage van Maureen kom je geheel tot rust, en word je opgeladen met positieve energie. Maureen en haar team zijn zeer kundige masseurs en geven tijdens de stoelmassage persoonlijke aandacht aan de persoon wat zeer wordt gewaardeerd. In deze tijd wordt Maureen heel erg gemist!
Het beste moment van de dag
Ik plan mijn massage altijd in op het eind van de dag. Het is elke keer weer het ideale moment om even tot rust te komen en nergens aan te denken. Na een lange werkdag kan dit echt het beste moment van de dag zijn.

Get in touch

We are happy to visit your organisation to create a massage program to meet your needs to build an affordable and worthwhile on-site chair massage solution.

We would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Get a quote for your office or contact Maureen.

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